Daniel N. Clark

The Way Forward



Contemplating the serious plight we are in environmentally, economically, and socially, it is useful to have a vision of how we can meet human needs for present and future generations, as well as other values.


Here are some critical elements of a way forward addressing these issues:


1.  Universal Benefit.  Our economy should provide an opportunity for every person to work and to share meaningfully in production and the delivery of services to society, and for every person to receive a reasonable share of the fruits of our production and services. 


2.  Sustainable Resource Use.  We should commit ourselves as a society to only using and impacting natural resources in ways that are sustainable for the future.  To do so, we should inventory all of our natural resources, and allocate their use to production and consumption that is both socially useful and renewable. 


3.  Decentralization with Community Backup.  Proposals for natural resource use should be solicited from individuals and groups with plans for enterprises providing useful production and employment, to nurture continuing initiative, innovation and decentralization of the economy.  To the extent such enterprises are unable to provide critical production and services, or sufficient jobs for full employment, community enterprises should be organized for that purpose.


4.  Commitment to Community. We must commit ourselves to the good of the community as our highest worldly value. We must also recognize and respect the need for diversity and individual freedom consistent with the well-being of the whole. 


dnc/ 3-27-12


A useful article on further elements of a way forward for our society and world: