Daniel N. Clark



Daniel N. Clark is a semi-retired attorney in Walla Walla, Washington.  He has a variety of interests, including global changes, local history, criminal justice reform, sustainable communities, human rights, peace, contra dancing, and contemplation.  See the Links tab for efforts he has been associated with.  Under the Peace Brigades tab is a lengthy account of his experience as a founder of Peace Brigades International. He has also published several books, including "A Privileged Life: Memoirs of an Activist" (2013), "You are the Self" (2014), "Notes to the Self" (2014), "It's all the Self" (2014), and "A Spiritual Journal" (2014), all collected in "Experiences with Truth" (2019), "Come Dancing: A Collection of Contras, Circles, Squares, and More" (2014), a book of essays titled "Words: Dan & Barbara's Deathless Prose and a Few Poems" (2014), "A Prospect Point Reunion Book" (2014), and "A Garrison School Reunion Book" (2015), as well as "Don't Bend Walla Walla: A Case Study in Corruption" (2014),and "Historic Sites & Markers of Walla Walla County" (2019), which are available through local book stores and online booksellers.